Our Programs


Our programmes are designed to provide schooling and exposure to early learner’s age starting from Play Group till Grade IV

  1. Play Group - 1 yr 10 months - 2 yr 9 months
  2. Nursery (Pre-K) - 2 yr 10 months - 3 yr 9 months
  3. KG I (Kindergarten 1) - 3 yr 10 months - 4 yr 9 months
  4. KG II (Kindergarten 2) - 4 yr 10 months - 5 yr 9 months

Primary Section:

  1. Grade 1 – 5 yr 10 months – 6 yr 9 months
  2. Grade 2 – 6 yr 10 months – 7 yr 9 months
  3. Grade 3 – 7 yr 10 months – 8 yr 9 months
  4. Grade 4 – 8 yr 10 months – 9 yr 10 months


Key Features

  1. Allows two-years old to learn while playing that encourages and notices individual interests.
  2. Provide opportunities to communicate by developing active listening and expressive language skill.
  3. Facilitate participation in small groups and circle times to build confidence to try new things.
  4. Engage children in story- telling, pre-writing skills, listening and speaking using poems, puppets, finger plays, rhyming and singing as well as exploring.
  5. Develop math, science and language skills through group work.
  6. Help accomplish the potty training milestone with encouragement and pride.


Key Features

  1. Encourage four-years old to be imaginative, energetic, inquiry-based learners who explore the classroom environment with curiosity and purpose.
  2. Provide well established structure and daily routines that allows children to play and grow through real world experiences.
  3. Encourage whole group and small group activities to promote socialization and community building.
  4. Provide print-rich classrooms to enable students to be immersed in literacy acquisition, developing letter and word recognition.
  5. Plan thematic units in math, literacy, science, social studies, art, music, and movement to thoroughly prepare children for a smooth transition to Kindergarten II with a rich, robust learning foundation.


Key Features

  1. Encourage physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of children.
  2. Includes skill based program like reading, language arts, math, science, social studies, art, music, and physical fitness activities.
  3. Develop language skills through letter and sound recognition, writing activities, reading, stories, singing nursery rhymes, and finger plays. Children have the opportunity to practice writing their names, letter strings, words, and short sentences. They are encouraged to play alphabet games and dictate original stories.
  4. Develop math skills with activities that focus on counting, matching, sorting, building, and numbers and shapes recognition.
  5. Nurture artistic expressions through use of crayons, paints, markers and natural colours.
  6. Build social skills through activities that promote friendship, teamwork, sharing, and caring.

Kindergarten II is a class which is more like a runway for children to enter in to main stream Primary schooling, so the main focus is their readiness for Higher Schooling.